Marshmallow Halloween faces 

I quite like Halloween, not as much as Christmas but there’s something extremely childish about it.  I think it’s the chance to dress up and eat some cake?  That may have something to do with it. 
Today after dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen and noticed I still had half a jar of big white marshmallows left.  Instead of just snaffling them very quickly I had an idea. 

I took out my edible inks and realised that I could paint little faces onto them. So I shouted my little monkey to see if she wanted to do something fun. 

Me and my little girl painted silly faces onto them and I think they look pretty good for what they are!  I might use them at the weekend as cupcake toppers. 
If you need some kid friendly Halloween ideas then definitely try it. A little food colouring, a paintbrush and a bag of marshmallows (only a few were eaten) and it gives an hour of entertainment. 


The official photo of the naked wedding cake 

The bride and groom were very pleased with their naked wedding cake and so was I!

The cake managed to travel 50 miles in a car and a trek across a garden to a marquee. 

I thought I’d show you the photo by the photographer.

Could I have done better? Always but this will still be my first wedding cake I ever accomplished. 

Watching the world go by

It’s only been a couple of months since I started getting back into the wonderful world of blogging and I’m enjoying it. The only downside is the nostalgia it has bought back with it.
I am quite a reader of other people’s posts, especially any food or cake ones and a couple of years ago when my first blog was in full swing there were quite a few people I used to follow. I had a look at them today and noticed the dates of when they last updated were similar to my own.

I hope that all of them still enjoy the baking, crafting or businesses that I read about so often.

So here’s to making and following new people – may we all carry on for a long time and enjoy what we do.

My (Christmas) birthday cake 

It may or may not be weird but I have a tendency to make my own birthday cake. The reasons for this are:

  1. I love birthday cake
  2. I make everyone else’s so no one bakes mine 

    This year I finally decided to do what I say every Christmas and make myself a birthday Christmas cake! Confused yet? 

    I always make Delia Smiths Christmas cake recipe each year, it’s rich, dark and has never failed me. I made this for myself for my birthday. With quite a lot of brandy in it, it’s a good way to celebrate and will hopefully last me a few weeks (till I’ve eaten it) not that it will ever go off. It’s more sozzled than granny at a wedding. 

    Unfortunately the lurid shade of icing came from asking my nearly 4 year old daughter what colour she thought would be good and naturally it is pink. Still, as long as it has marzipan and icing then it can be any colour and I’ll love it. 

    Happy birthday to me and a big thank you all my lovely friends, family and of course my boyfriend who made it very special and made sure I was spoilt. As I’ve also had a bbq for my birthday I plan on trying to cook sweet things and bread on my bbq, I’ll let you know how it goes. 

    Only one month to go and it’s time to start the real Christmas cake…

    My candy cart 

    I love to bake, it’s one of my favourite hobbies even though I have not nearly done as much baking as I’d like recently, however, I also have something else I enjoy too – having my own sweet (or candy) cart! 

    A couple of years ago I was starting to make vintage style sweets at home, old fashioned ones you remember from childhood like fudge, lollipops, sherbert or coconut ice. I looked around at ways to sell or show off my new love of sweet making when I saw a candy cart on the Internet. 

    From the moment I saw it I was hooked and for Christmas my parents bought me my own. It turned up all plain wood and I painted it and bought it accessories. Though I have never named it. 

    Unfortunately my plan to hire it out never really transpired as it was too much to use up my weekends whilst having a full time job and a little girl. It has become something of a novelty which friends and family enjoy. It appeared at my daughters 3rd birthday, a christening and last weekend I set it up as a wedding present for a very close friend. 

    It is hard to transport and I always end up damaging myself or something else when I’m setting it up but the big smile I get when I see people’s faces is well worth it. 

    It’s definitely paid for itself despite never charging for it in happiness and that’s more important. Even if I do need an extra room in my house to keep it! 

    Let’s begin

    Hello and welcome to my new blog.  I am quite excited to be blogging again after a couple of years out, I have still been baking but not really storing my recipes anywhere.

    I miss writing a blog, I used to spend so much time on my old one that it feels sad to have left it behind.  Luckily I’m in a happy and new home now so the time is right to start a new one.  I never realised that my old one had 11,400 visitors!  That’s more than I could ever have imagined.

    I will bring over some of my favourite posts and record them here so we can all share the recipes and hopefully it will inspire me to bake them again because, well, everyone loves cake don’t they?