About me

Hello and welcome to Little L Bakes.

I’ll start by introducing myself, I am L or I really should say Shel (if you enjoy anime you’ll realise my inspiration)

This isn’t my first foray into baking and blogging as I’ve had a baking blog previously, which I enjoyed, however since that blog was left 2 years ago a lot has changed in my life and it’s now – with a new home and kitchen – time to get back into it again.

I love to bake, both by myself as my form of relaxation, and with my little daughter; who’s already showing flair in the kitchen at only 3 years old!

My family, work colleagues and my boyfriend are my willing guinea-pigs. Luckily nothing ever usually goes to waste.

Random facts about my baking:
I’m from the UK so most of my ingredients are purchased here

I only ever use free range eggs, often they come from my parents chickens

I use margarine instead of butter a lot of times, especially sponge mixtures so if I’m using real butter then there’s a specific reason for it. I may not always know what the reason is, just that it has to be that way

My oven is electric fan assisted and I use a gas hob

If you’ve got to the end of this then you deserve a cookie ūüć™ now let’s get baking!

Love Little SheL xx


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