Watching the world go by

It’s only been a couple of months since I started getting back into the wonderful world of blogging and I’m enjoying it. The only downside is the nostalgia it has bought back with it.
I am quite a reader of other people’s posts, especially any food or cake ones and a couple of years ago when my first blog was in full swing there were quite a few people I used to follow. I had a look at them today and noticed the dates of when they last updated were similar to my own.

I hope that all of them still enjoy the baking, crafting or businesses that I read about so often.

So here’s to making and following new people – may we all carry on for a long time and enjoy what we do.


My (Christmas) birthday cake 

It may or may not be weird but I have a tendency to make my own birthday cake. The reasons for this are:

  1. I love birthday cake
  2. I make everyone else’s so no one bakes mine 

    This year I finally decided to do what I say every Christmas and make myself a birthday Christmas cake! Confused yet? 

    I always make Delia Smiths Christmas cake recipe each year, it’s rich, dark and has never failed me. I made this for myself for my birthday. With quite a lot of brandy in it, it’s a good way to celebrate and will hopefully last me a few weeks (till I’ve eaten it) not that it will ever go off. It’s more sozzled than granny at a wedding. 

    Unfortunately the lurid shade of icing came from asking my nearly 4 year old daughter what colour she thought would be good and naturally it is pink. Still, as long as it has marzipan and icing then it can be any colour and I’ll love it. 

    Happy birthday to me and a big thank you all my lovely friends, family and of course my boyfriend who made it very special and made sure I was spoilt. As I’ve also had a bbq for my birthday I plan on trying to cook sweet things and bread on my bbq, I’ll let you know how it goes. 

    Only one month to go and it’s time to start the real Christmas cake…

    Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies 

    Have you ever been thinking about what to bake but you don’t really know what you fancy so you start Googling and then suddenly you see a recipe which stops you! It says “BAKE ME NOW!” 

    How could I resist? 

    The recipe that grabbed me was Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies

    I just didn’t realise how big these would be once baked, they’re HUGE but they also look and taste fantastic. They were easy to make and with a good dusting of flour on my hands and work surface I started to make them looking uniform by the end. 

    The only difference is that I added a bit of my favourite flavour – Moka Varnelli. 

    Hopefully they’ll enjoy these at work tomorrow.